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Traditionally Finland has been a gateway between East and West. Finns have always been trading between Western, European culture and Eastern, Russian culture. Finland’s geographical position gives advantage in entering Russian markets.

Finland has realised huge investments program to develop ports infrastructure in the period from 2006 to 2012 in the amount of more than one billion euros. The biggest project was the construction of the port of Vuosaari in Helsinki (2003-2008) with total investment  about 470 million euros. Planned investments in infrastructure of Finnish ports are more than 100 million euros annually up to 2015.

For transit cargoes five major ports can be used, they are Kokkola, Turku, Hanko, Helsinki, and Kotka - as main port for Russian transit that located just in 40 kilometres from Russian border.
Kotka port
is specialized to handle cargo to Russia. Port is designed to suit the needs of this traffic. It is modern and operates efficiently.

Our office in Kotka port is located in gate office building together with customs and stevedoring companies. It is a good location to provide services to move cargo smoothly to Moscow, St. Petersburg or any other Russian destinations.

Via Finland

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