We will keep your 
cargo moving, on time, 
all the way, exactly 
to its destination.

Door to door to Russia

We can offer the whole multimodal supply chain, which begins from shipper’s warehouse and ends to consignee's door.


Ocean freight services

World trade is based on transporting goods in containers. Transmare is active player in the network of shipping lines, forwarding agents, shippers, buyers, customs brokers etc.


Local services

International transports have always some domestic part in them. Sea freight needs to be moved between port and factory, air freight needs to be delivered to or from airport.


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Choose your solution


Choose your solution

Ocean freight servicesMultimodal transportationServices provided in Finland

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All transactions are carried under the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB 2000) NSAB-2000 Transmare Logistics Oy acts as intermediary only and its liability is determined according to NSAB 2000, 24 § - 26 § (the freight forwarder's liability as intermediary only). NSAB 2000 6 § paragraph 2 (time guarantee) and 27 § C. 3. are excluded and won't be applied in any circumstances.

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