Transit to Russia

Multimodal transport to Russia & CIS

Transmare Logistics provide multimodal transportation service for delivery of goods from door to door, which includes several stages and types of transportation, when cargo can be transferred from one mode of transport to another. This is a system of intermodal freight transport using shipping containers for smoothly delivery of goods over long distance.

For transit cargo to Russia and CIS countries we offer delivery through the ports of Kotka (Finland) and Riga (Latvia). This is a cost effective way and a good logistic solution for delivery of goods to these countries.

Riga’s advantage comes from its position, which is well connected with logistic corridors to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and by rail to Central Asian countries.

Via Finland

Traditionally Finland has been a gateway between East and West. Finland’s geographical position gives advantage in entering Russian markets.

Kotka port is specialized to handle cargo to Russia.  The port is designed to suit the needs of this traffic. It is modern and operates efficiently.

Our office in Kotka port is located in gate office building together with customs and stevedoring companies. It is a good location to provide services to move cargo smoothly to Moscow,  St. Petersburg or any other Russian destinations.

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