Rail Freight

Rail cargo

With a new railway connection between China and Northern Europe we can transport your cargo between China and Finland in just 14 days. Weekly railway service between the cities of Helsinki and Hefei makes this possible.

Depending on destination multimodal transportation with connection to railway can be arranged through Finland or Latvia. The direction of the Latvian transhipment via port of Riga gives possibility to deliver the goods to the most remote corners of Eurasia, because of national rail network integration into the railway network of the former USSR. Freeport of Riga together with Latvian railway is the hub for multimodal transportation by Eurasian transit corridor.

For further delivery deep inside of Russia and CIS, railway is the best transport mode. We can offer rail transportation for all types of the goods. For delivery of consignment over long distance we propose multimodal service that involves reloading of the goods from the shipping containers into railway wagons or containers, this is to avoid possible problem with empty shipping container returning process. Also Shipper’s Own Containers can be used for railway transportation for one way delivery.

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